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Global Sourcing

Creating International Excellence

For nearly a quarter century, Decker has been leading the global sourcing initiative to bring the highest quality cold-form products to our customers. Our commitment to quality is backed by rigorous inspection processes and adherence to international standards. Delivery times are on target, thanks to our streamlined logistics operations and strategic partnerships.

This dedication, along with our long-standing relationship with suppliers worldwide, has allowed us the ability to build trust and transparency that is beneficial for everyone involved.

We specialize in

To expedite the production process, our engineers use state-of-the-art software, like AutoCAD, to produce part drawings quickly. This allows all members of the project team to review and confirm the specifications before fabrication starts.

Our machine shop enables us to create the tooling for your part in-house, making the initial development process seamless and efficient.

Pursuing new technology and better processes, we continually look for ways to improve quality and performance while controlling costs.

Whether it is top locking, center locking, or side locking, we can apply prevailing torque features to a wide range of internally threaded fasteners. The flexibility of our in-house designed locking equipment lets us process our inventory, or your inventory, with precision, accuracy, and efficiency. 

Our stringent locking process produces parts with consistent torque, high vibration resistance, and uniform torque at clamp load relationship, giving you long lasting superior performance.

Zero defects is our goal, which is why we utilize roll sorting and high speed optical inspection technology in many of our manufacturing processes.