State-of-the-art processing for extraordinary performance.
Our extensive, in-house production services enable us to customize any part according to your requirements. From a completely new design to an existing piece, we can handle the entire process – concept to completion.

Comprehensive customization. Our wire drawing and production departments as well as our machine shop give us full-service manufacturing capabilities, making the production of highly customized parts easier and more cost efficient.

Innovative technology. With more than 50 cold-forming machines, including a Formax, we use the latest equipment to maximize precision, accuracy and efficiency. Some of our machinery has been designed in-house to create a processing system that performs unlike any other in the industry, providing better production and quality.

Stringent locking process. To ensure consistent torque, high vibration resistance and uniform torque at clamp load relationships, our fasteners undergo a careful locking process as well as other demanding procedures. Custom-designed locking features can be applied to your part, including top, center and side locking.

Quality assured. Using the latest sorting machine systems, we take a proactive approach in making sure your parts conform to the highest standards. All of our fasteners are verified to help eliminate defective and foreign parts.

Long-lasting surface treatments. Our coating, plating and heat treating options provide tough protection against harsh conditions and chemicals – all to enhance the performance and longevity of your product. We offer a variety of these surface treatments, including those that comply with environmental standards.

Outstanding performance. When it comes to developing and processing your parts, we use the latest technology and the best methods. The result: quality, reliable fasteners that outperform and outlast.